Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt that our premium support is awesome. However most of the times you would prefer to go through a list of questions that are quite often asked. The FAQs always help.

Below is the list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that are most likely to answer several questions you may already have about our service.



Here we present the entire list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked by our new and prospective users. Once you buy a plan, you are always welcome to use our support system to get a premium support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThemesConda?
ThemesConda is the leading provider of premium wordpress themes and professional joomla templates. All of our themes and templates entitle you a dedicated mobile app for free.
What do we get when we buy a theme / template?
I purchased your template, however, I would like to use another template for the website. Can I still use your platform to make the mobile app?
Will my knowledge be enough to make a mobile app? I don't think so!
Do you provide support with the theme / template that you sell?
Do you provide support with the mobile app compilation using the theme / template?
Is there any subscription fee to keep the mobile app running?
Can I compile the mobile app for Android and iOS platforms?
What software do I need to compile the mobile app?
Do you provide step-by-step process for the mobile app compilation?
How long does it generally take to develop a mobile app using your theme / template?
Do you have a demo of the theme / template / mobile app so that I can see how it looks like?
Can I customize the theme / template / mobile-app? How difficult is the customization?
I have, say, 100 clients. So, the website/mobile-app for each client will look the same because of the same template?
Do I need to update my website and mobile app separately?
Do the mobile apps work offline?
I design and sell wordpress themes and joomla templates. Can we work together.